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      A little about my professional qualifications ...

      I am a medical doctor fully and continually licensed to practice medicine and surgery since 1976. After finishing medical school I successfully completed six years of intensive post graduate training in surgery and the surgical subspecialties, including ENT. I am Board Certified in surgery. That process includes an in depth review of surgical skills in addition to passing a series of written and oral examinations in all of the surgical disciplines, including ENT. Not only am I board certified, I am re-certified, re-recertified, and re-re-recertified in surgery, with the most recent recertification being last year.

      It is true that I am not an audiologist, but I have been invited to conduct numerous seminars on tinnitus and hyperacusis to audiologists and to graduate students in audiology both in the US and abroad. And in terms of ENT, I have similarly been invited to give numerous presentations at national and international ENT meetings. In other words, although I do not fit hearing aids, I teach tinnitus and hyperacusis to audiologists. And although I do not perform tonsillectomies, I teach tinnitus and hyperacusis to ENTs.

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