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      I figured I should say hello. I recently acquired tinnitus back in the early summer. I was playing various games and listening to music that, in hindsight, was quite loud and suddenly my ear started ringing and then didn't stop. I was told to drink water and relax at the ER, but as I found out this is just something to get used to, which I did fairly well after the first week. Weird thing is that I have bouts of ringing and static noise after doing anything sexual, or even just playing a game and getting into the zone and coming out of it.

      Since then various random things with crackling in my ears, ringing changing between the ears randomly, and most recently the other ear seems to have bouts of high ringing for a good hour or so. This past Friday it just suddenly blasted while I wasn't doing anything loud, then again while listening to music (which I have turned down greatly since this started), and just about an hour ago it did it while I was laying down for bed, which is the strangest, especially as this one seems the most stubborn for some reason and causing a lack of sleep at the moment.

      My ENT doctor was helpful and while my hearing is fine and nothing physically wrong he did think a small thing may be causing the crackling, but I haven't heard the crackling in some time. I did get an MRI just in case and they find a cyst on my brain, but nothing serious is coming from that.

      What seemed to work for me is a combination of having a fan and t.v. on throughout the day, various supplements like vitamin B12, ginkgo biloba, Niacin, Zinc, and things like that. Those probably only give a placebo effect, but it works enough for me I think. I also use a product called Ring Relief that seems to do the trick more often than not and help during the times that are more annoying.

      This site also seems to help by me looking that it could be as little as 5 years when some sort of cure is coming out, at least I think, and that gives me hope that I won't live with this forever. At the worst of times I do get a tad depressed, but I'm like that a lot anyways.

      Anywho I just wanted to say hello and join in.

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