Relief After 40 Years

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by boshack, Dec 1, 2012.

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      Not sure
      funny you should mention that...

      seems like I'm having loads of cinnamon & nutmeg but not a lot else!

      ahh well.. at least it's working :)
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      Noise exposure
      I was sat here thinking she must just be having cinnamon sandw..., no, that's gluten, on hot milk, no that's dairy, on cinnamon!

      Glad its working for you.
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      I never made the connection. I thought it was 20 years of being around running aircraft. I usually drink over a gallon of milk a week. I ran out about 5 days ago and had been so busy I hadn't gone to the grocery store but did notice the ringing was dramatically reduced. I found this post after Googling tinnitus and mink. I'm going to give it some more time to see if this was what was exacerbating my condition. I do think there is definitely something to it.
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      So sorry for my tardiness but it wasnt till last week that i really realized i had a bad tinnitus problem. Somebody sent me a email asking for the lady who almost fixed me to see if she could work on him.
      The none answering in this forum is proof in the pudding.
      May be once a month i will get the ringing and it can be severe for a little while and when i think back on it its usually because of a stress or to many capuccinos.
      When i first started this thread it was every day but now i do not consider it a problem with a monthly or two monthly re-occurrence.
      As i have said before i am not really into this voodoo business but she has done a couple of remote jobs on me and virtually saved my wifes life.
      I have now taken the next step and got some hearing aids from China direct and after 5 months i am very happy with them and at a fraction of the cost. Reputable company also which made it more interesting.
      Anyhow it will be interesting to see how my voodoo lady goes with a remote client. Maybe if Lenny picks this thread up he may respnd.
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      Interesting we use muscle testing in EFT and other trance work to identify on which part of the body or mind have a low energy.
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      @boshack Sorry for not replying quicker, I only check TTalk once a month and didn't see your inbox message. Just letting you know I got your message and sent you an email and a PM. Hopefully she can do something for me!

      All the best!
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      @boshack hello my name is michael and i also from perth western australia. I have recently discovered i have tinnitus. I have had a hearing check and they said i have to hearing loss and the hair test in the cochlea came back good. Can i ask with kinesiologist you have been too? It gets worse when im anxious about it. Its very interesting about the milk thing, i dont drink milk but i eat cheese. Any help would be appreciated. I basically only hear it when its quiet or im in a small room.
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      I've had T and hyperacusis about 8 years. It's really affected me and changed my lifestyle. I rarely tell anyone about it because I am a teacher and vp of a corporation and don't want to be judged as "off."
      I have tried several medical treatments and alternative treatments with no relief. Often my whole head rings and my ears pop.
      Driving from the mountains a few days ago made my ears feel like they were full of fluid and I experienced painful popping. I remember my mother telling me I was allergic to all milk as an infant except goat's milk. I have tried to avoid dairy as it doesn't agree with me. Anything with vinegar also sets it off.
      After reading this I am determined to cut out all dairy as it may be irritating my eustacean tubes and exacerbating my T. I will report back in a month. My ent is also going to try some new treatment so it will be interesting to see if anything helps.
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      29/06/2012 worsened Jan 2017 & Dec 2017
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      Noise exposure
      Good luck Marjorie. It's always a good idea to stop dairy. Gluten too. X
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      I would like to try the kinesiology approach. As they say... any port in a storm. I am now on a T diet which puts all animal related dairy on the no-no list. Would it be reasonable to do both simultaneously?
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      Loud noise exposure / headphone accident maybe?
      What is the use in stopping to eat Gluten?

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