Researchers and Research Organisations, Why Is a Cure Always 10 Years Away?

Discussion in 'Support' started by joejunior, Mar 26, 2015.

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      The typical response to 'when will there be a cure' for hearing loss and tinnitus is always in 10 years. Indeed one of the lead researchers at Stanford was even more optimistic in the early days of stem cell research. Now this is being modified to '5 years to clinical trials' whereas we are at the clinical trial stage in some cases.

      I can appreciate that its difficult if not impossible to predict, and patients demand answers hence the speculation, educated speculation but non the less speculation.

      Perhaps the more important question is what can be done to expedite research - mainly at a Govt level as Govt's are supposed to work for us, how can we help drive this forward? We know that its Govt policy globally is illogical on this issue, given the billions and billions being lost to the economy alone, never mind the human suffering. So what is the best way to get leverage with govt to get a massive increase in funding to support and expedite this work and ensure that the funding is targeted at real research as opposed to bogus.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      Just think if an organized voting block of 50 plus million voters could do! The Tinnitus party!
      Just hope wars and violence hold up the next few years. The competition to find a cure or reasonable relief without a litany of side effects is great as well. DR. Nagler mentioned how there was no agreement as to deal with loss of hearing and T and H. Maybe this is a good thing. It is so subjective. It may take a degree of varied attempts to find a reasonable cure or relief. For gods sake people are taking meds for epilepsy and are finding some relief, just too many side effects. Its coming, the real question is when and by whom. Nice post joeJunior.

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