Right Ear Tinnitus, Almost a Year Now... (Sound Example Included)

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      Like the rest of you, I am looking for a way out of this. wish I could help out if only i'd known how to cure this thing. If I'd cure it, I swear i'll give the answers right here.

      Basically I have tinnitus which started in one random day out of the sudden. It sounds like an electric sound, I'll give an example:

      It kinda sounds like that, only difference is that it is not constant: One second it will be almost silent, two seconds later I will ear something in the form of an electric noise(very noticeable), then a few moments of silence again and so on.

      It drives me insane, the thing is that there could be some days it'll be very silent, I try to write down the things I do different in these days but I can't figure it out. Went to an hearing test and I have a perfect hearing. Gonna see a jaw specialist too to see if it's related. I also have headaches once in a while that start in the back of my head and spread throughout the body, and I am sure; whenever that happens, there is NO t. I don't know what the heck is going on, but I know i can't keep going on like this, my dream is to become a musician and it makes me miserable thinking about having to deal with T the rest of my life, I just try to remember the days I listened to music freely without this T situation.
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