Roaring Tinnitus and Deafness due to Vitamin E Deficiency

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      A type of progressive deafness associated with roaring ear noises occurs in persons suffering from vitamin E deficiency. It can be relieved permanently by the administration of vitamin E, wheat‐germ oil or alpha‐tocopherol together with a diet rich in substances from which the body can produce creatine. In the early stages of this condition transient relief can be obtained by the administration of prostigmine, but it soon recurs. Under the vitamin E treatment the tinnitus clears up completely and the deafness improves materially. The mechanism of action of this vitamin, which is popularly termed the fertility vitamin, is in these cases the same as that which I described last year in myasthenia gravis, progressive muscular dystrophy and in other neuro‐muscular diseases, some phases of which were recently confirmed by Dr. Franklin Bicknell. The vitamin raises the kidney's threshold of excretion and stops the loss from the body of creatine, which is essential for muscular contraction, strength and tone. The action on the tensor tympani and stapedius muscles of the middle ear is responsible for the relief of the tinnitus and deafness. Incidentally there is evidence that the action of the vitamin on fertility is dependent on its action on the muscles involved in procreation. The variations in the excretion of creatine are a good index of the body's supply of the vitamin.

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