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      Hi, excuse me rambling i just want to say what is happening here and I want it more than anything else for it to stop. I was deaf until I was 8 after a minor operation my hearing was restored by the time I was 10y\o I was developing pretty sevre balance problems... diagnosed as meniers disease when I was 12. lived thro meniers not pleasent but it didnt kill me. I nearly did but I survived. I have always had tinitus. it stops and starts sometimes it is annoying it has been there all my memorable life. 3 yrs ago, I developed pulsating tinitus. 3 yrs ago I wore hearing aids to assist with my dull declining hearing. 3 yrs ago my hearing suddenly improved I can now hear things that other people can't.The world has gone from fairly quiet to very very loud, outside. Inside, in here,I hear my pulse screaming in my ear whoosh woosh woosh. when I do anything it screams louder, when I am stessed it is louder, when I think or live it is worse and with every pulse my ear blocks and unblocks the side of my head gets hot my ear some times hurts. I can not live with this. I drink too much now, I dont sleep well anymore I am moody and teary and if all that isnt bad enough I am now menopausal. It ofcourse come with it's own set of symptoms and what belongs where I dont know.The other thing I am a little hazzy about is wether I should laugh at the exteme of my misfortune or should I take the gun down the paddock. We have a smart meter is it? could it? I am checking dates. This morning I was making the bed, my room shares a wall with the smart meter, My ear was screaming and I rushed outside because thats what I do when it gets so bad and I dont know what else to do, and I realised it eased off, when I went back in it started screaming again. when I am working down the padock or in the garden it is not happening, my garden has grown as my sanity has diminished. I thought it was a stress thing, menopause and moods and what have you. has anyone anything to say about smart meters that may be relevent here. How happy I would be if there was an answer... not overly excited about shifting in to the shed but hey who wouldn't if it would stop it. Am I going to get lucky here???
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      Hi, Robyn,
      I've just read your story, and I am so sorry you've had so many hearing, ringing, and pulsating problems for almost your entire life. I have some problems similar to yours; I have hearing loss in my right ear, and I have both ringing and pulsating (whooshing sound) in my right ear. Nobody can possibly understand what it's like if they haven't experienced it! And, yes, I think being post-menopausal could make things seem worse. There are so many changes that take place in our bodies, when we go through menopause and after, that it could indeed make things seem even more intense! (I'm post-menopausal, too).

      I don't have a smart meter myself, but I've read other people's accounts of how their tinnitus started, or intensified, right after a smart meter was installed on their house. And the worst thing is that it's on your bedroom wall! My naturopath told me that a person's bedroom should NOT have any electronic devices anywhere near the bed. I've taken anything like that out of my bedroom, and it has helped with sleep. Is there any way you can check into having the smart meter at least moved to the other side of your house? It may be affecting your ringing and your pulsating, too!

      Also, your sensitivity to noise sounds like hyperacusis. Have you looked that up? A lot of people on this forum have hyperacusis, and can probably give you good advice as to how to better cope with it.

      Can anyone else comment on either smart meters or hyperacusis?

      Robyn, please stay strong! I believe the people on this forum can help you, and we all are here to support one another.

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