Rough Tinnitus Day After Shot of Tremfya, Dentist, and Stress

Discussion in 'Support' started by exguitar, Dec 4, 2019.

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      In my intro, I listed the host of medical issues I'm dealing with (stroke / brain aneurysm / diabetes / psoriasis / psoriatic arthritis).... Having a rough one today.

      Someone on another post mentioned wishing they could be an amputee over having tinnitus, and then another said you don't know what will come later, or something like that.

      This summer the inside of my nose flared with psoriasis, the worst flare of my life and I have dealt with psoriasis for 40 odd years. I prayed for my own death... then tinnitus came on last October 24/7, pretty severe I'd say, its unmaskable most times.. then I really had something to 'pray' about.

      Anyway, earlier this week, things had calmed down a little... it got lower in volume and there were times I could forget it... unless I thought it...

      However, yesterday the Derm gave me my first shot of a biological drug called Tremfya, AND I had a dentist visit to get a filling for a back tooth that chipped out AND I've been stressed trying to keep on a Candida diet for Thrush brought on by an antibiotic..

      Today the tinnitus is as bad as it has been .... very loud... both ears.... multiple tones... it was also waking me up in the night when before night waking was one of the few times it was not present unless I started thinking.

      In my case it is probably neurological... relative to my brain surgery maybe... the anxiety makes me think it's brain surgery gone bad...

      I have Clonazepam and Celexa (which I can start Friday or Saturday if I want... I finished Linezolid, an MAOI Inhibitor, two weeks ago next Friday for my nose....)... am afraid to take either for many reasons including tinnitus and I already withdrew from Clonazapam once this year (then got tinnitus 24/7 about a month later)

      Even though it's terrible taday and I feel weak and noxious from the Tremfya I guess... I hope the Tremfya helps my nose and inflammation and God willing this tinnitus will fade.
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