Round and Round in Circles

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Sep 22, 2015.

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      When i came to TT (2013) there were some treatments with sound etc... I was stating that problem is in the brain, and that we could expect cure when researchers finally recognize that.

      Now in 2015 SF34, AUT63, TMS (all focused on brain) are giving me hope that real treatments are possible in future (close one, or far I do not know)

      So I would divide t research in 2 periods, 1st useless until 2013/14, and 2nd- On the right track (focusing on the brain) after 2013.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      I still think some aspects of the broad church known as tinnitus causes can be found in the middle ear. I think some is brain, and some is the brain trying to make sense of the babble it is receiving from the receiving and translating structures in the middle and inner ear. Its probably easier to target the brain and its perception of sound than deal with the inner ear. The middle ear is researchable and potentially accessible but not many seem to be going there.

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