Rush Limbaugh and Tinnitus

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      For those who know or don't know, Rush Limbaugh is a controversial political radio personality (like him or not), has Tinnitus and cochlear implants. I don't know if his admitted previous addiction to OxyContin has anything to do with his T or not but he claims he lost his hearing due to autoimmune disease. Rush is extremely knowledgeable about politics but is also just as knowledgeable about ear health and his condition as well. I was reading this transcript of one of his conversations with a caller and found it interesting...

      CALLER: "...horseradish pepper nasal spray, believe it or not, and the guy who wouldn't try anything, tried that, and that worked for him, and for the past three years he's had not tinnitus..."
      RUSH: There you go! Whatever works!

      This nasal spray is on amazon for about $12 USD with 79 ratings and 4 stars.

      There's also a video online of some people on a talk show trying it. Does not seem to bad but effective.
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