Scary situation - I had a totally different sound

Discussion in 'Support' started by Amelia, Mar 13, 2014.

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      So last night I had something very scary happen. Very scary. Might just be something that happens with chronic T but never the less, I want to pop in and see if anyone has had this, or their experiences.

      I woke up around 11pm (yes, I go to bed early!) and I had a totally different sound - A very loud low white noise/fan type noise, that sometimes seemed to be "whomping" slightly to the sound of my heart. But not in a whooshing PT way I don't think. That part didn't last for long - just at the height of my panic.

      I felt very claustrophobic because this noise was SO loud - I could only just hear my usual high pitched ringing (whichever I can usually hear now above most things) - and masking did nothing. I didn't get much sleep last night and the second sound is hanging around this morning.

      I am recovering from a slight cold so my ears have been feeling a little "heavier" than usual but I'm pretty much back to normal - so would have thought if something like this was going to happen it would have when I was more sick.

      I'm truly thankful this morning that it's lowered a little because that noise at that volume is not something I could have lived with. So what was it? My T changing? Just a random occurrence? (I should add I've had something similar once early on for no reason) something that others get?

      I'm petrified that when the hustle and bustle of our morning routine finishes I'll hear it again or it will come back :(
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      Hey @Amelia

      I think what has happened is that this cold has left you congested. I have read that actually T can appear/become worse at the ends of a cold - not exactly sure why, maybe because we are more stuffed up. It would also make sense that it got worse when you were sleeping - when we are lying down/sleeping we don't swallow or become more congested, which increases the noise. This happened to me when I first had T - the noise was a lot worse in the morning.

      I solved by putting drops of Olbus Oil, an inhalant, under my pillow case at night so I would not be as congested. It brought the noise of my T down a lot. If you have anything like that I would give it a try.

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