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Discussion in 'Support' started by nuengineering16, May 10, 2016.

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      I am a student at the McCormick School of Engineering, and currently working on a class project about hearing aids. My team and I are working on developing a smart hearing aid that will be able to improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired. We would like to get some feedback from the hearing aid community to determine which features would serve the community best. If you have a minute to fill out this brief survey, my team and I would greatly appreciate it.
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      Hey if you want to make a better hearing aid, try to figure out how to do one with the full spectrum of hearing like headphones go to 20khz...current hearing aids usually go up to 8 khz and also make water stream and rainfall masking built in. Talk to the guy at about it. He has some great sounds on there...the white noise doesn't fully mask my T. If possible get it to stream music directly from android (may drain too much battery though) I wish you well.

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