Seeing an ENT Doc and Audiologist Next Tuesday

Discussion in 'Support' started by ajg33nyc, Feb 15, 2012.

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      Hello All
      I have been struggling with T for 2 yrs now. Just in my right ear. I attribute some of it to having chronic one sided headaches. I just wanted spme peeps input as to what to share with the doc and audiologist. Im curious to see if I have hearing loss in my T ear.
      Thanks all
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      Welcome to TT!

      I'm not really sure what you should share with them. You could ask the ENT if he thinks the tinnitus could be attributed to the chronic headaches... I have no actual clue, but as a layman it would make sense to me.

      Anyway, it's good you're getting your hearing checked.

      And frankly, I hope your ENT isn't one of the morons who just say nothing can be done, learn to live with it. While that might often be true, that's so wrong to say anyway. It will be interesting to see if he mentions the terms habituation, tinnitus retraining therapy, sound enrichment, or anything worthwhile.

      Let us know when you're back!

      Fingers crossed everything goes well,
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      you asked for some sugestions from ppl as to what question-info to have ready for the doctors visit

      id be wanting to tell the doc what other symptoms i might have that could reasonably be related or otherwise shine some light on whats going on

      for example are the headaches always on one side

      are other senses affected either on the same side or opposite side

      you said your right ear is where the big T comes from...are the head aches on the right and hows right side vision?

      finally id want to ask about the very remote possibility that something called an acoustical neuromas (dont worry this is not cancer nor malignant) might be involved; they are benign and also known as a vestibular schwannomas

      im not a medical professional and i share these ideas as a person who recently went thru a lot of tests and questions

      take everything i say "with a grain of salt" as the saying goes...heck take a tablespoon of it, cause im no expert, just a guy who reads too much and is easily fooled

      good luck
      mock turtle

      i hope you get good news that relieving the headaches with simple common meds or relaxation etc cuts back on the tinnitus
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      Thank guy's so much for your input much appreciated! I will definitely bring some questions with me. Yes Mock turtle my headaches are right sided along with my T.
      Again thanks again

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