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      hi everyone 10 days ago I feel and have had I high pitch ringing ever sense . on a scale of one to ten it stays at least a 7 sometimes a 10. I found out through my friend mike about tinnitus. my dr. says it will just go away it hasn't. anyone have any suggestions?
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      hi sheila, people will help you here. tell us more what happen
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      Hi Sheila,

      Your doctor may be right - the ringing may go away. I hope it does for you. If not, more than likely it will become more tolerable as time goes on. You may, as many have, completely habituate and rarely even notice it. Unfortunately, tinnitus is not a one size fits all kind of a thing. If you read through the many stories here, you'll find everyones' stories are similar but still different. Depending on what brought your T on, and how long ago it started, there may be some things you can do now to help minimize the long term impact - perhaps hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or steroids. Unfortunately, doctors don't often offer many, if any, suggestions for help.

      There are clinical trials currently going on mostly in Europe and the US testing a variety of tinnitus treatments: rTMS, transcranial electrical stimulation, various pharmaceuticals, acoutic neuromodulation,... I suggest you peruse the topics under the follwing forums to learn about them (you can also go to and search for trials related to tinnitus near where you live):

      1. Research
      2. Treatments
      3. Alternative Treatments and Research

      Don't be discouraged by dismissive doctors. There are things that you can do to help, and you'll find those kind of suggestions throughout this support forum. I will let you know that there is no one treatment that has been proven effective for everyone or even a large sub-population (that I know of anyway), and once you get past 6 months the odds of the T going away on its own diminishes. On the other hand, most everyone finds it gets better or easier to cope with over time.

      A common co-problem with tinnitus is anxiety, and you'll find support for that here as well. There are many people here who are happy to share with you their experiences and who are willing to help you because they know that while T is not fatal, it can be debilitating.

      Let us know more.


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