Should I Push for a Diagnosis (Tinnitus, Fullness in Ears, Dizziness)?

Discussion in 'Dr. Raymond Ancill (Psychiatrist)' started by Jof, Oct 21, 2015.

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      I have tinnitus since May this year non stop. Ranges in volume and sound. Fullness in ears and gradual dizziness.

      I'm now feeling more lightheaded regularly. Given Sertraline by doctor. Then Nortriptyline by consultant. No benefit. Now given Serc.

      It appears consultant won't diagnose unless I collapse with vertigo regardless of fullness, severe tinnitus and constant dizziness.

      I've read others have been diagnosed with dizziness instead of vertigo.

      Should I push for a diagnosis?
    2. Dr. Ancill

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      Of course you should demand a diagnosis. Talk to your GP about your frustration and insist that will not take treatment until a diagnosis that has been properly made (ie. not a guess).
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