Should I Take Prednisolone 20mg?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Michael Calbera, Nov 14, 2015.

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      Should I take Prednisol 20? (Prednisolone 20mg)

      My T cases caused by high noise exposure (shooting), age 24, first time experience tinnitus, T onset since 3 weeks ago.

      Some said it is effective for someone below 1 month and caused by acoustic trauma. There is side effect, so how about dosage and the time I should take this. Since my ENT not suggest any medication, only give me b complex +lexotan 1.5mg

      need advice and explanation.
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      Steroids won't usually help 3 weeks after onset. Little use trying (unless you want to experiment with the placebo effect).
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      It's to late man , but when I take predisolone my hyperacusis fades away , so it's worth a shot

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