Should I Trust My Doctor?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kitty K, Feb 2, 2016.

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      Hi! I went to a doctor after having unexplained and seemingly causeless ringing for 3 days. My GP examined me upon me explaining my symptoms: ringing, earaches, jaw pain, loss of balance + appetite and dizziness. She was shocked to find my throat and nasal passages are REALLy red, and swabbed me finding out I have some form of cold/flu currently I was unaware of. She says the ringing is pressure based, which I believe, seeing as how it feels like someone is sitting on my head and my ears are constantly aching with dull pain. I also have been compelled to yawn lately. My T also is very shifting and high, not watching most common sounds or frequencies. It feels like I just got off a plane. She assures me that as soon as I feel better, which should be 1-2 weeks, it will go away. Should I believe her? I am only 15, having been to no concerts recently, only listening to music at midlevel volumes when walking home and fairly soft when at home. This whole tinnitus business is unexplained and frightening to me, but I am very hopeful with her news it is temporary.
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      Hello @Kitty K,

      For a majority of tinnitus sufferers the ringing goes away. There is nothing to suggest here that this won't be the same for you, especially given the underlying sickness discovered by the Doctor and your symptoms.

      I can appreciate the noise in your head is distressing, but give your body a chance to recover before jumping to conclusions. :)

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    3. Kitty K

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      Thank you @Mark Beehre! I needed that. Between my friends, parents, and doctor, I have received plenty of assurance it will go away but occasionally I have my doubts.

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