Should Tinnitus 'Extend' Head-Colds, and Colds

Discussion in 'Support' started by BigKingBud, Apr 7, 2014.

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      Hello all! This is my first post(my bad, if I break any forum rules here, I'm a noob). I'm 35, I've had tinnitus since mid 2012(I've been diagnosed, taken tests, seen the ETN, and all that fun stuff). I've since 'dealt with' what's happening to me, and 'all that'. But, I have one question, a question I just can't seem to find an answer for online.
      Does tinnitus create any other side effects besides ringing? Mainly "head-cold" related, for my case. Every since I first got tinnitus, the slightest things will give me head colds, like, a little, too much, cold wind in my ear, or a windy day at the park. Then the worst part is, once I get these little colds, I can't seem to 'quite' get over them. I picked up THE SMALLEST cold about 2 weeks ago, after 3 days the virus was gone, but, my head continued to feel irritated and bothered, this led to me actually getting a little sick again a few days ago, now I've gotten over whatever ailed me that second time, but, I still just, don't 'feel right'.
      Tinnitus doesn't seem to be 'just ringing' for me. Every since I got it, my right ear also fills up with hard white ear wax, this NEVER used to happen.
      I was just hoping someone had heard or knew about this particular tinnitus issue.
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      Unfortunately I have not heard about this type of T before. I will say that I got mine from a cold, and I have suffered through bad headaches, ear pain, pressure etc ever since (3 months) though the symptoms have been getting better. Have you mentioned the ear wax to your GP/ENT. A build up of wax can cause T.
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      Hi, thanks, I'm diagnosed with tinnitus(or "T" ha). It most likely was caused by years of loud and 'steady' doses of music(I'm a rocker), but, I also spent many a year of my youth around LOUD machinery. My ears started ringing during a bad ear infection in 2012, and they haven't stopped since.
      My problem 'here' isn't the ringing, I can't seem to get rid of head colds 'properly'(a problem I NEVER had before I got T) And, I don't have the problem of "ear wax causing T", I was wondering if T can cause excessive ear wax(I NEVER had ANY ear wax before I got T).
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      Probably headphones
      Hmm, sounds like you have some other ear / sinus issues with T as well...
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      nothing that you experience is related to tinnitus, you can do a complete blood test to see if everything is working fine.
    6. T Bone
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      I tottaly feel you. I was a kid who never and I mean NEVER got sick before T. Just like you I keep on getting one cold after another, maybe it's allergies?? I know I'm getting tested pretty soon, maybe it's worth a shot for you?
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      Since posting this, I found this little paragraph on a medical web site.

      "...Sometimes, Tinnitus can cause symptoms that seem like a typical cold or a lingering virus. For this reason, many people don't think twice about those symptoms and simply wait for them to go away on their own. If they're not going away, it's safe to assume that you're dealing with more than a cold..."

      Most search keywords about T won't allow you to search for T's 'other' side effects. When I try, I get mostly results about things that 'cause' T.
      God! I hope a Dr. can help me get rid of this "feeling like I have a cold or lingering virus ALL the time". I thought the ringing sucked, this is FRUSTRATING!

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