Sight and Hearing May Share Common Neural Pathways

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Nucleo, Dec 10, 2015.

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      It could help explain why some people (myself included) have both hearing and visual disturbances (T and visual snow/increased floater awareness). Having both vision and hearing damage seems very unlikely in any individual. The research suggests there is a limited shared pool of neural ressources devoted to audiovisual processing. If there is a problem at this level of central processing, then you could have both visual and hearing symptoms.

      It's also probably the reason my dad would turn the radio down when trying to read the street names in the car when I think about it.
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      So, Is there any kind of solution, or just another statement that does not mean anything..?

      PS.majority of world populations has floaters, and they can be destroyed by one procedure.
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      Explosion starting engine
      Since my hearing damage I noticed when watching TV on the couch (relaxed/dozing) there sometimes is a very short burst of T going through my head. Sometimes from right to left and sometimes central between left and right. During this very short burst (<< 1 second) I have not registered what was happening on the TV. Almost like a blackout, or even stopping of movement on the TV. I am sure one way or another these bursts of T influence my sight or processing of the visual input.

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