Similar to TTTS — But Not the Same (Click/Pop Sounds in Ear When Talking)

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      About a year and a half ago, I started a conversation about my ear, where I would get a "tch" sound every time I spoke or when loud noises happened. This turned out to be TTTS (tonic tensor tympani syndrome) - and you can read about it here:

      Now - about a year ago, something similar happened to my other ear!
      One day I felt a bit sore behind my right ear - and upon massaging a bit, something "clicked" and it felt like I had something stuck in my ear.
      I went to a doctor, and she locked in my ear, and found absolutely nothing! But I could feel something - and to make it worse, I started having "pop"/"click" sounds happening every time I spoke.

      My first thought was that this was similar to the TTTS I had in my other ear - but the sound was different.

      After several months, and after I'd been to a few doctors - including private ear doctors (that was expensive!) - The only think they could conclude was that my eardrum was a bit loose (since I've had it drained as a child) - but they couldn't find anything that should be able to cause this kind of sound.

      But one day I went to my dentist - and actually described my problem since I was a bit nervous about the sounds her tools made triggering my problem - and she asked if she could try something.
      She then put one finger inside my cheek, and the other outside, and started massaging my "chewing muscle" (a vertical muscle going across the top to bottom of your jaw).
      This hurt like hell - and she said it was very very tight!

      I started massaging it myself - and almost over night my symptoms became way way better!
      This made me go to a physiotherapist and he started massaging my neck, and the muscles behind my ear - and by going once a week, and massaging my jaw muscles (I'm doing it on the outside now, once per day) - I can keep the symptoms away 90% of the time!

      My doctor, physiotherapist and my own guess, is that the symptoms might have have started after I've been operated five times in the other year over the span of the last few years! Several hours with my head turned in a strange angle during the operations might have tightened my muscled in the neck quite a bit - and most of those (like the large on in the front of the neck) are connected directly below the ear!

      I hope this helps some! And feel free to ask me anything, and I'll try to answer the best I can :)


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