Six Months of Hearing Crickets

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      About six months ago I began to hear crickets, and I have learned a lot about tinnitus and possible causes since then. At first the problem would come and go, so I thought that this would be temporary. After researching, I assumed that it must be because of medication because I take many of them.

      Finally, when I realized that this is here to stay I made an appointment at an otolaryngology clinic at a local hospital. I thought I had made a good choice because the hospital is affiliated with one of the top universities in the nation. I had a hearing test done where it was found that I had mild/moderate hearing loss in my left ear and severe hearing loss in my right ear. I saw a Physician's Assistant who was unclear with explaining what my results were with the right ear. What I understood was that the person who performed the hearing test made sure of the findings by doing what was found three times, and that these would be turned over to a surgeon who would let me know whether or not surgery was needed. I was very confused! Three weeks later, I finally got a call from the surgeon's office saying that I should wait six months and then get the hearing test done again to then determine whether I needed surgery or not. Meanwhile I should consider hearing aids.

      Obviously I was not happy with this lack of information, so I made an appointment with an ENT physician that I worked with in the past. I have seen this doctor now, and he had another hearing test done for my right ear. The results were the same. He explained that the results are not conclusive because one part of the test can be interpreted to be a hearing loss caused by nerve damage, while the rest of the test indicates conductive hearing loss. He has ordered an MRI to try to get a clearer picture of what is going on. I will have this test done next week.

      Meanwhile I have found this forum because the crickets continue to chirp! I have been told that hearing aids are a good choice because this will help to balance my hearing. My best hope is that my hearing problems can be controlled so that my life will be somewhat normal again. My fear is that this won't be as simple as I want it to be.

      Thanks for reading! I look forward to exploring the stories that everyone has to share.
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