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Discussion in 'Support' started by Steve5148, Feb 2, 2016.

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      I have worked in a noisy factory For many years and also hunt big game and target practice. I have not always used adequate hearing protection, I'll admit.
      I first started noticing the big "T" about 15 years ago and at that time it was somewhat tolerable. I started taking better care at work and while shooting to protect my hearing.
      This past year I have retired from the factory work (working with giant forge machines) but now my T has become noticeably worse. I wake up during the night with screaming loud hissing in my head. It has become so stressful that I dread going to sleep for fear of reoccurrence. I wake up and shake my head and stick my fingers in my ears to try and pop them like a cork. Anything to quiet the ringing.
      I always go to bed with the TV tuned to a boring infomercial channel or C-Span so there will be background noise so I can get to sleep.
      I believe it has become worse since I began Opiod medications for chronic pain. I have been using them for four years and am in the process of weaning off since I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my lower spine this past year.
      i am desperate for some improvement and I am at my wits end. The slightest loud noise now during the day will set off the screaming T session. Only subsiding when I get quiet and find a distraction.
      Is there anything new in the technology world that has helped anyone on this forum from wanting to jump off a bridge?
      I am new to this site and am glad to see I'm not alone with this condition. Looking forward to improving my quality of life.
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      Hmm, what I find helpful to quiet my T down is to take a warm shower before going to bed.

      Also, you can greatly benefit from doing some sports. When I go to swim in the evening, I can sleep very very deep.

      But that is aside from the fact that you should definitely go to the doctor and ask for some sleeping pills or other medication, lack of sleep is bad for your health and certainly doesn't help with T.

      Have you tried TRT?
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      Withdrawing from opioids almost certainly has a lot to do with what's going on; "morphine" comes from German Morphin, which is a reference to the Roman god of sleep. Rebound insomnia from sedatives is extremely common, extremely unpleasant, and will definitely pass after some period of time free from the drugs (though you may not ever really "stabilize" as you taper off). When I withdrew from benzos my sleep was absolutely miserable until about 8 weeks after I'd taken the last pill.

      If you live in a medical weed state, indica strains are probably one of the best sedatives out there, but marijuana in general doesn't play very nicely with tinnitus.

      I struggled with sleep stuff for years; it's not really a problem anymore. I still get periodic episodes of insomnia, but I don't find them distressing, and in general I sleep 6-8 hours a night most of the time. Regular exercise and meditation have both been important for that; exercise because it will actually help me sleep, and meditation because it allows me to tolerate some periods of insomnia or delayed sleep onset without actually suffering as a result.
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      Thanks for the reply. I will try some of your suggestions.
      I live in Southern California so, yes, medical marijuana is available. I do have a doctor's recommendation but until I am off the opioids I am unable to use it due to the federal pain management guidelines I must adhere to. As soon as I can I intend on trying that. I have used it before and have no trouble with it when falling asleep. It works!
      Chronic pain is a challenge in itself without the chronic tinnitus which compounds the pain. I take anti anxiety meds but they only help keep me from crying all the time. I'm a big baby behind closed doors. I have to keep a brave front though, for my family's sake.
      Thanks again for the suggestions guys. God bless you.

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