Small Yappy Dog Just Set Off My Ears — Tinnitus Originally from Motorcycle Noise Exposure

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      Hello everyone. I have been perusing Tinnitus Talk for a few weeks now and finally wanted to introduce myself.

      My miserable experience with tinnitus and hyperacusis and phonophobia began 4 years ago when I was in the yard and one of those motorcycles that's so loud you can hear on the moon went by... I had never had any trouble with my ears prior, but that day the ringing started. They rang for about 6 months straight and I wanted to die. The house we live in was always quiet but I guess due to MapQuest the road behind our house has been discovered and it's like international raceway out there and revving and roaring engines are in vogue here and I HATE it! Even in the house with all the windows closed we get blasted! I get so angry angry angry... Moving just isn't an option unfortunately. I live with my mom, she has advanced Parkinson's and wants to stay in California and it's so damn expensive here we are stuck. So on top of my frustration, anxiety and despair over my ear situation, I beat myself up for not have making other choices in life where I maybe could've gotten out this house some way...

      Anyway, on top of that, I am a flight attendant with hyperacusis! Can you imagine?!? I am a hot mess!! Before COVID-19 I had enough seniority to work trips that didn't cause too much harm, but now everything has changed and I have no idea how I am going to be able to do this job anymore. I cannot work 4 flights a day sitting in the back of the plane right by the engines. I have been able to take time off without pay but of course this is not sustainable.

      I was having a pretty quiet day in my ears but a friend called and a small yappy dog barked and set off my ears... SO FRUSTRATING! My tinnitus is cicadas, crickets and a whistle usually. Even after 4 years I am still not "habituated"! I hate it.

      I have been beyond impressed with everyone on Tinnitus Talk. Your knowledge and wonderful writing skills and abilities to express your emotions and compassion for one another.

      Tinnitus Talk was around when I had my onset of tinnitus and I can't believe I have just come across it. God knows back in 2017 I was obsessed with searching for a miracle cure and the people here would've been very comforting when I was at my lowest I'm dealing with this, not very well, but the best I can and I am grateful for all of you and your stories. Even though I know this is a group all of us would give a lot not to be a member of, here we are... my heart goes out to all of you.
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