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      Hello everyone,

      Here's my story. It's a long winded version but I have so many possible causes it can't be helped.

      I went to a dangerously loud club about two months ago. Of course I stood too close to the speakers and stayed way too long (four or five hours). I'd only been to clubs, perhaps, four or five other times and I had blocked ears for a few days with muffled hearing that eventually went away. It may have left me with the hissing noise, which, I could have been unaware of for over a month because my old apartment had a natural noise masker in it's heating unit which I've kept on all winter.

      A few days ago, I moved to a new, quieter apartment and noticed the hissing. First, of course, the anxiety and depression came which made it much, much worse and the hyperacusis around noise (e.g. traffic, printers, computer fan, etc.) began. It took a few days but I've learned to ignore it for 90% of the day and it's no problem. But a few nights ago, prior to moving and discovering the slight hissing, I woke up to a ringing in my left ear. It has since become louder but weirdly enough, it only happens when I'm laying down. If I stand up it goes away after a few minutes (I will literally be in the same room for several minutes with no ringing, if I'm standing, but almost immediately when I lay down on my back I hear it—weird).

      I have had popping in my ears, that coincidentally happened a few days after my initial acoustic trauma. And my left ear (ringing ear) would get full. I could unclog it by blowing my nose. At the time, since there was no ringing I was not worried or aware of bacterial infections. I just assumed it was allergies.

      I don't know if it's related in my case but I've read many posts that the popping and ringing can be due to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and inner ear infections. I also, for the first time in my life, started clenching and grinding my teeth while I slept, which I noticed late last year prior to any acoustic trauma, tinnitus etc. But, since I don't have any jaw pain, I'm ruling out TMD/J.

      I have an appointment for the ENT today so I'll give you an update on what they say if you guys are interested.

      Anyhow I appreciate any feedback you guys may have if you've had similar stories, ETD, inner ear infections, etc.

      I haven't been an active member of a forum in a few years. But it looks like I'll be here for the meantime. Hopefully not a lifelong member. :)

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