Someone here with a chronic incurable condition in addition to tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Per, Jan 17, 2014.

    1. Per

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      First of all, not saying T is incurable forever but right NOW it's classified as such in medical terms.

      So to my topic. I sometimes wonder if other people with visible or invisible chronic deceases have T as well? Or if anyone here have something even worse than T that could compare or bring some reflections into that. I take into consideration the loudness and discomfort factor here of course, cause very mild T is not as bad as very loud T. In my life T is the worst thing that's ever happened, and I've had some tuff blows and setbacks in my life.

      Like to read anyones thought on this.
    2. Sherri786

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      t is the worst thing that happened to me:grumpy:
      Although very grateful of course that I'm having more and more low t days now.
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    3. Liesel

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      Genital herpes.

      I managed to get hit with on of the most stigmatized invisible illnesses out there. How I feel about my T is nothing compared to the level of anxiety and self-loathing I feel when I think about herpes. It's's bad. I'm lucky that I don't experience symptoms often so I can often forget about it, but when the thoughts come back I feel like a shell of a person.

      Strange that herpes is another one of those things they expect a cure for soon. But herpes cure is a bit further off than a cure for T. I would trade that if I could. :(
    4. gary

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      Who Knows
      Hi Per, it could be a whole lot worse. I have had two heart attacks, colon cancer, had open heart surgery a 4 way bypass last year, I just found out I am in stage 3 chronic kidney failure, also a diabetic and have other complications, but I don't want to bore anyone any further. T is the least bothersome to me.
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    5. Neenie

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      Wow! That is hardcore. I've basically been healthy my entire life, if you don't count anorexia which I had for 10 years (down to 32kg, woopsies!) but despite what others will tell you, it really is self imposed so you suffer, but you're ok with it. Tinnitus, for me, is different. I am not in control of it. I do not have power of it, and I can not win the argument it has with me every minute of the day. My friends Mum died on new years day this year. They were on holidays in France and she just didn't wake up. Can you imagine after celebrating NYE and having all those wonderful new years resolutions and dreams and then to just die in your sleep?! Life is fragile. People forget that.
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    6. AUTHOR

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      Appreciate your input here gary. Tuff times! You know about challenges and I'm hoping for your recovery. But T must be somewhat important in your life since your here, right?

      Isn't it interesting how we "rate" our life quality? It's only natural that I had a lot of silly "problems" when I was 15 and all healthy. To me everything prior to T is a list of rated problems. I was hospitalized for depressions many years ago and I tried to take "the exit train" one night but I obviously failed. The thing is I would like to switch black depression and all the agony that comes with that to be totally free from T&H. Perhaps our brain is categorizing in time sections?

      It's interesting to see how differently we respond to T. I read about a women that went trough chemotherapy and she also had T. Many years later she was free from both, she said she feared the return of T more than the cancer. Goes to show how we see things from subjective perspectives.
    7. Logan

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      Ear infection
      Depersonalization and derealization, it isn't really uncurable but it definitely feels that way. It basically makes you feel like your not real and everything around you feels not real. It makes everything feel like a dream and I have had it for about 9 months now. I won't go into a lot of detail unless you want.
    8. Zimichael

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      (1956) > 1980 > 2006 > 2012 > (2015)
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      Ac. Trauma & Ac.Trauma + Meds.
      Well...this could be a loooooooong answer so I'm going to keep it very brief believe it or not.

      I never saw a doctor basically until I was 43 years old (yeah, I had my tonsils out when I was four or something, and had to get a wound stitched up when I put a machete through my knee...a few things like that). Super healthy. Good lifestyle. Good diet.

      Then I got big time gut problems and all sorts of weird stuff happening for no known reason in 1993. Idiot docs. Idiot GI doc especially as did not even order a stool test! Some years later found out the domestic water supply to where I was living was contaminated with fecal matter (poop). I tested off the charts positive for Giardia and two other water-borne parasites. (Yes here in California...I had never had problems in Africa, India, Mexico, Thailand, etc. So called "Third world countries"). Took the anti-parasitics and started to recover, but that disaster lasted for about 5 or 6 years and ever since had to be more careful what I ate or had some problems...but not bad.

      Then in 2004 got bit by a tick in Mozambique and got tick fever. Was treated correctly with Tetracycline and 'cured' quickly. Six months later though I suddenly got a sinus infection that would not go away...that by 2005 had morphed into full blown gut, head, neurological, everything gone wrong. A walking disaster...if I could walk! Near death a few times. Lots of docs. Millions of tests. Almost non-stop gut pain.No idea what was wrong....I tried EVERYTHING. I wanted my life back.
      Eventually docs gave me Neomycin (for possible bacterial overgrowth in small intestines???) and Amphotericin for possible intestinal yeast/fungus infection. They were just guessing by this stage = Thanks! The big time Tinnitus and now added Hyperacusis came from that ototoxic nuclear combination...I wanted a gun cure!

      Thus "Lama Doctor", and acupuncture, and herbs, and meds, and....Hell for 7 years. I was about to give up but a friend forced me to try a high fat, low carb diet (I was down to 118 pounds = 53 kgs) and after 18 months I was about 95% normal. Unbelievable after what I had been through...but the darn TINNITUS was now the main problem!

      Sigh!...So yeah, I have had some what could be termed "chronic health issues" as well as tinnitus, but the only real connection is because of the darn drugs I was given that trashed my hearing. After long term, untreated Giradia though, one never really gets one's 'invincible guts' back apparently...which seems to be true.

      I would LOVE some silence though! And the simple ability to expose myself to the world again.

      Best, Zimichael
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    9. pef

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      My health is fine for now. As I age, I will eventually get conditions that are life threatening, and at one point I will die from one or more of these conditions. Heart disease, cancer, who knows. It's not something I worry about, it will just happen.

      My aunt died of brain cancer. A friend of my wife's died from complications of a biking accident after 20 years - she had lost her leg and underwent many surgeries. My father has heart disease. Another friend of mine battled cancer for years and eventually won the battle, but the toll the chemo and other treatments took on his body was tremendous. But he is thankful to be alive.

      When my daughter was born she had a seizure while in the hospital - I remember thinking, praying, hoping that I could just take on for myself whatever she had so that she could be okay (10 years later she's fine as can be).

      Tinnitus is annoying. But I have seen people suffer from far worse. It's all about perspective. I have tinnitus. But I am here to see my children grow, be their father, and live out my days with my wife after my kids are on their own. And hopefully one day I'll provide some free babysitting services as a Granddad.

      Yes, my ears will be buzzing then, too. So be it.

      Trust in time. Your mind is plastic and will adjust. I've had my tinnitus since March 16, 2013. When I first got it I went into a massive funk. But I pulled out by focusing on the positive and what I had to look forward to for the rest of my life, and realizing that many people would gladly trade places with me healthwise.
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