Someone Who Has Experienced Body Pain After Tinnitus Onset?

Discussion in 'Support' started by meeruf, May 15, 2014.

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      Hi guys.

      T don't bother me so much anymore. Most day is pretty silent now. However, since Christmas, I have had periods with quite bad bodypain. I don't know if this have a connection with my tinnitus or not. Tinnitus was a pretty hard shock for my body and mind. I had some very stressfull moments last year. The body pain comes and go. Right now I have the most painfull yet, it have lasted since 14.05.2014. Two days. Last time I had this, was 3-4 weeks ago. Then I had constant pain in my body for 3-4 days. Then it went away again.

      The pain is like, a faint pain in my upperbody that goes along the skin. And another, much stronger pain that wanders around in the body. I think it has a connection with sleep. Everytime this happen I can only get 4-5 hours of sleep. I also itch alot in these periods.

      Any ideas? This kind of sucks..
    2. Grace
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      Not sure but it could be from stress and anxiety... When i was in the hospital over the weekend i was experiencing numbness of my lower body and they said it was anxiety and as soon as i calmed down it went away? They said stress and anxiety can take a toll on your body making all kinds of parts hurt.. But not sure if this is your case maybe get it checked out
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      Yeah it could be anxiety and stress, or side effects from medication or some supplement you might be taking, if you take any that is.

      I doubt it's directly related to your tinnitus tough (imo).
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      I was taking few vitamin supplements and after a week started getting muscle aches, anxiety, depression, stopped using them and after a day all back to normal, my body doesn't like supplements! Tried taking them multiple times and get the same reaction every time...weird!
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      Probably headphones

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