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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by AnonMZ, Mar 28, 2015.

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      Hi, thanks to all for this forum. It has given lots of hope and tools for coping with Tinnitus.
      Now I would like to tell what I have done.
      My Tinnitus is relatively fresh. It started 22.1.2015 and because of sawing floor panels without proper ear protection. What is little bit confusing is that Tinnitus started after 2 days. At first day I did not notice anything unusual. At second day there still was no Tinnitus but every sound echoed. I was not worried then but now I know that it would have been possible to prevent Tinnitus if I had taken action then.
      So at 3rd day my Tinnitus started and at 1st week I was not concerned at all.
      2nd week I was worried and went to doctor. I got prescription for Betaserc and Prednisolon.
      3rd week I took 5 times HBOT.
      Now 2 months after start my Tinnitus is sometimes very quiet and I am glad but little bit confused if this is just adaption, natural healing or some treatment that is working. It might come back as annoying as it was but it definetely has been quieter for 2 days now.
      Here is other treatments I have tried.
      CASTOR OIL (eated and drops in ear)
      B-VITAMIN (especially B-12)
      IBUPROFEN (last 2 days because of flue)
      PARACETAMOL(last 2 days because of flue)

      I am interested to know if somenone else have got good results with those treatments. As I told it is unsure what is the treatment that makes T quieter and are results permanent or not. I just wanted to share my experiences.
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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      I'd stay away from Ibuprofen if you can. Ototoxic like Aspirin.

      The sawing, probably tiggered the T, but I believe something else might have caused it eventually. I also believe, some of us, are more susceptible in getting T, through our physical and mental makeup.

      I know some older people, who have abused their hearing all their lives and only have hearing loss, no T. Also, if a virus, bacteria or taking to many ototoxic drugs, gets to the cochlea, it can severly affect the hair cells and wipe them out.

      But still, some Get T and some don't? It's so complicated, that's why there's still no cure. It's wrapped up into so many areas of our individual brains, it will be hard to pinpoint exactly what triggers it, from person to person.

      Therapies, like TRT, CBT and Mindfulness, seem to be the best tools to manage T so far.

      The rest of your supplement list, is pretty much standard for what people try, who have T. Try some 5HTP and L-Theanine before going to bed. It helps me sleep well.

      God bless,


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