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Discussion in 'Support' started by Johno, Jul 15, 2014.

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      Yesterday night something strange happened to me. In my left ear (better of both) gradually worsened hearing (i estimate it 20-30%|. I tried trick with plugged ears to prove, if it was only by blocked eustachian tube, or something worse. It was worse. Than I tried hearing test and my hearing ends above 11 Khz (15 Khz before), I also notice very high pitched hissing, but very very silent. I take 60mg prednisone from my top secret resources and today morning was my hearing 99% back.

      I dont know, if prednisone does its job, or it was unnecessary to take it and hearing treturns spontaneously.

      But what was strange - my main T (1180Hz and other freq.) in this ear was much less noticeable as normal. It was really silent, during loss of hearing.

      Do you have a similar experience?
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      not here but I would absolutely freak out if something like this happened to me :S
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