Sound Pharmaceuticals: Might be Looking for Investors for a Clinical Trial

Discussion in 'Research News' started by jazz, Mar 16, 2015.

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      We all know that Sound Pharmaceuticals is one of the players in the newly emerging tinnitus and hearing restoration fields. Of all the companies I follow, however, Sound seemed like the weakest link. Their clinical trials move much slower than the average and their website, well, is not well done. I suspected they were probably underfunded. And I might be correct. Anyway, they recently finished a Phase 2 clinical trial for otoprotection from hearing loss, and now they want to start a trial for otoprotection from chemotherapy agents. That trial was scheduled to start last November, but as of today, it is not open for recruitment.

      Here is a link for interested investors in the trial:

      If anyone knows anyone who might be interested, please pass along the link.

      (Shoot, that link isn't working now. I'm sure they are limiting the people who view this to "real" investors. But if you sign up, I'm sure you will be able to see it.)

      Here is the link to the clinical trial:

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      No, it is not the same a the wall street journal article. The WSJ article describes a study for noise induced hearing loss using d-methionine. The trial mentioned by the OP is exploring SPI-1005 for ototoxity of chemotherapy drugs.

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