Sound Sensitivity vs Hyperacusis... That Comes and Goes.

Discussion in 'Support' started by JohnnyMx, Apr 6, 2015.

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      Hi, first i would like to know if any of you understand the difference, if any, between sound sensitivity and hyperacusis.

      I have had Bilateral slight tinnitus since i was a teenager, but 2 years ago (i'm 32) i started to have a mild-moderate form of T.

      The sound really does not bother me that much anymore, despite it is always present and can hear it almost all of the time. My problem sometimes are the physical sensations: aural fullness in my left ear, mild-moderate sound sensitivy, cracking sound, ear pain that runs to my troath, feeling of clogged ears, burning ears.

      My question is, my sound sensitivity come and goes so often, one week I'm ok, then i have 3-4 days that sounds bother me alot, then again it improves. Is it a common behavior?, i have read that it is something less or more constant for months, but that subsides, but mine come and goes in days.

      Thanks and best wishes to all of you.
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      are you sure it isn't psychological in your case?
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