Spiky Tinnitus with Malleus Redness

Discussion in 'Support' started by frs, Sep 10, 2017.

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      Hello Folks,

      Seeking some advice on how to research what is going on...

      I have tinnitus that sounds a bit different that what is usually described.
      1. It's NOT pure tone
      2. It's NOT pulsatile
      3. Sounds EXACTLY like the train track hiss that you hear when the train is approaching from away.
      Scccc.......Scccccccc.............Sccc..........Scccccc..... it has no periodicity what so ever.
      4. I cannot habituate to this as it's high frequency random sparking
      5. I have ear pain at times as if the ear drum is burning inside. For a few moments.
      6. Sometimes when I talk it clicks somewhere in the ear tic.tic.tic.tic fast

      And now for the good part... I have had it over 6 months and I can count 3 days of silence!!! Yay!!!

      My ear is RED, the ENT says its has nothing to do with the tinnitus, but I find a strong correlation between the appearance of redness and the spike in tinnitus.

      This is how it sounds:
      Tinnitus little spikes

      This is how it looks. Both images are 3 hours apart and you can clearly see the inflammation going up.

      Photo on 9-9-17 at 8.51 PM #2.jpg

      Photo on 9-9-17 at 11.02 PM.jpg

      I have spent a lot of time on the net, and now I am utterly confused between ETD, NIHL, TMJ, Osciular dislocation, TTTS.

      I will be very thankful for any help/tips as I am not able to make any focused progress on diagnosis.
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      Anybody ?

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