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Discussion in 'Support' started by Guillermo93, May 23, 2018.

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      So I started noticing some pulsatile tinnitus that sounds like a whooshing sound. Very faint almost imperceptible unless the room is absolutely quiet.

      I first noticed it one morning after masturbating. After that I started to notice it everytime it was completely quiet in the house.

      Sometimes it goes away completely but other times it comes back. I tried taking an aspirin before going to bed 2 nights ago and in the morning I couldn’t hear it. But it returned later on and its been going on and off. Sometimes during the day sometimes before bed.

      I’ve been to the doctor a few times already, had some blood tests done and even went to the cardiologist a couple times with all the results back normal. Cardiologist said my heart was fine. Had stress tests, echocardiograms and EKGs done. All normal.

      Even been to the ER a few times because of various chest pains and shortness of breaths I’ve felt the past 6-8 months. Always thought it was a heart related issue.

      All this happened before the pulsatile tinnitus I noticed a few days ago. I’m just here to ask other people that have had this type of tinnitus if it was ever something serious like heart disease or arterial disease, or maybe anxiety? I’m an extremely anxious and scared person when it comes to health. I’d also consider myself depressed since the death of my father over a year ago.

      Ps: I’ve had tinnitus my entire life. Just never too bad that it interfered with my daily life, and never pulsatile either.

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      unknown, probably loud music
      Masturbating (and coming) will temporarily increase blood pressure (especially intracranial)

      If there is no cardic-related cause, then maybe you need to see an ENT or it may be that you have just become aware/super-sensitive to hearing your blood flow especially if you only hear it in a quiet house

      Increased anxiety puts pressure on the heart and raises blood pressure

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