Started With a Bully Sound, Now Tinnitus. Help!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Djurov, Mar 12, 2014.

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      Hello everyone

      I am sitting here, in front of the computer trying to dwale my tinnitus out! I believe in myself, in that i process the power to overcome this problem that suddenly has occourd in my life.. and i will succeed

      It all started with a cold, and after awhile i suddenly heard this cracking/popping noice in my right ear. It sounded like fluid or just as if you have water inside your ear... I told the doctor and he said it would pass

      The cracking sound is now gone, but tinnitus followed shortly after! It was as if the tinnitus went into the other ear, but that is hard to discribe. I cant tell if its inside my head or in one or both ears, allthough the popping was only in the right ear.

      But im sitting here today with tinnitus, and im trying everything to get rid of it! Tomorrow i have an apointment with the ciropactor, i do have some numbness in the spine at the neck area wich is not muscles soreness but rather the bones at the beginning of the neck.. I somehow hope that this is the reason for my tinnitus, and that it can be cured that way!

      Im an avid fitness person, i live and breath sports and have always eaten healthy!

      Recent information:
      3month ago before i got the tinnitus i felt quite bad and went to the doctor. My bloodpressure was 180-90/80 wich is quite high in the systolic! I quitted using some supplements, and took some time off and BP was at 115-85/75 wich is quite good. In this perioid of time i always felt disorientated and as if my vision wasent that good. It was actually in this period of time that i cought my cold and got the cracking sound in my ear, shortly after tinnitus that still persists allthough everything medically is fine!

      But i still have this pain the neck area... Could it be something to do with the nose/ear channel?
      please help guys

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