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      Hello Dr.Gans hope all is well, I was wondering if you thought that the state of mind of a T sufferer could delay, or in some cases prevent habituation. Ive read different things from different people I was just wondering what your opinion was on the matter. I would like to add i think my state if mind played a huge role in getting to where i am now. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I intend to ask Dr.Hubbard as well.
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      Hi Cullenbohannon, I am embarrassed with how long it has taken me to reply. Your message somehow escaped me. But you ask an excellent question. Absolutely the State of Mind of the tinnitus sufferer can delay and even prevent habituation. Can you be more specific with the state of mind you are referring to? Tinnitus is all about perception (or misperception) of the tinnitus signal. I have attached a White Paper that talks about how we can use the intention of the mind to re-wire and re-perceive the tinnitus sensation. Let me know your thoughts. And again, I am so sorry for missing your message.

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