Steroid Prednisone Treatment

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by Thopeful, Oct 9, 2014.

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    1. Thopeful

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      Hi Dr.Nagler,

      I started prednisone about 2 weeks after onset from noise induced. The Dr gave me 30mg per day for a week. I am due back for a hearing test today. Since I started taking it, my T has gone down to a minor hiss which is tolerable. I am worried that after I'm off the medication, the T will come back as high pitch again. I really hope it doesn't. My question is what are the chances of improvement in T for long term after med I Cato (or maybe even T going away)?
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      I suspect that even had your doctor not put you on prednisone, your tinnitus would have settled down to the level where it is now. No way of knowing for sure, but if that is the case (and likely it is), then it should not return to its previous level once you are off the drug.

      Hope this helps.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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