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      Hi all. I realized that the tinnitus was not just when I was near my computer about two months ago. I was studying for a big examination when it started. I ran around the house at first trying to turn things on and off to figure out what was causing the noise. Then I went outside and realized it was my ears. After I took my test I hoped the ringing would go away along with the stress. Now I don't hear it all day long, but mostly in the morning and in the evening. I am very thankful for the breaks I get during the day, but just wish I could figure out if I have some trigger that could be avoided since it is not constant. I have not seen anyone about it yet but it's nonpulsatile and just a loud ring, so I doubt there's anything to do but hope.
      Anyone get a feel for what percentage of people with tinnitus end up with permanent hearing loss? That's what I'm really afraid of. The ringing is awful, but hearing loss would be worse.
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      Hi Summer, welcome.
      I wish the same thing. Mine fluctuates wildly for no apparent reason. The only consistent trigger for me is exercise.

      Although tinnitus is frequently associated with and a result of hearing loss it is not the cause of hearing loss, to the best of my knowledge, If you don't have hearing loss now tinnitus won't cause it. If you have not done so already you should see an ENT. Try to find one that knows something about tinnitus.
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      > Anyone get a feel for what percentage of people with tinnitus end up with permanent hearing loss?

      It's usually the opposite, hearing loss or minor ear damage causes tinnitus.

      As for what's causing yours, my mild tinnitus went from it's trivial state to severe I think due to exposure to particular computer fans or the use of headphones at low-medium volume.
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      Loud noise exposure
      As long as I'm writing something, I can push the tinnitus to the back of my mind. Until I write about tinnitus.

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