Strabismus Anyone? Is There a Connection with Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mad maggot, Jul 26, 2015.

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      i had my eyes operated on when I was four years old because my eyes would cross due to strabismus. I'm very long sighted and trying to look at things close up (close up for me is like a couple of meters away) used to make either one of my eyes turn into my nose so that I would look with one eye. It was difficult for me to use both my eyes together or I would get double vision. So I used to have one eye turned in and look with one eye. My right eye usually turned but sometimes my left.
      When I was four they operated to strengthen the muscles so that I could hole both eyes straight when I had my glasses on. Now I can turn in my eye without my glasses but it takes a little effort to do so and I don't do it because I'm sure it's not good for the eyes.
      But... I can't help feeling that somehow my T is related to my T. Before I got T I started having weird vision problems. An eye doc checked me out (specialist). Said my strabismus operations looked great and the doc did a great job. This eye doc diagnosed me with SOM. Superior oblique myokimia. This is where a muscle behind the eye twitches and moves the eyeball involuntarily so that your vision twists and shakes.
      However a few weeks later I developed T in time with the eye movements. When the eyeball stops shaking my T stops (or maybe the T stops and the eye stops shaking). I went back to him to tell him about the T in time with my shaking vision and he said: "No, this is not SOM! You have a brain stem problem and need a neurologist not an eye doctor." I'd seen a few neuros and they had washed their hands of me. I could not get an appointment with one. My GP sent me to an ENT. He couldn't find anything wrong with my ears.
      Anyway my real question is this: do any of you have strabismus or other eye problems and do you feel your T is related? I feel when I try to focus on things up close and the muscles of my eyes are working hard that this starts my T off. When I try to read or look at a computer screen I feel my T start up. Also fleurescent lights seem to start my T as well. My T is not constant. I do have a background humming and tonal T that I can ignore completely that is always there. But I have a loud sporadic clicking/buzzing T that I feel is somehow related to my strabismus and my vision shakes in time with the T until it stops.
      Do you have strabismus and T? Do you feel there is a connection?

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