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Discussion in 'Support' started by EricMI, Oct 21, 2013.

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      I had posted here after my tinnitus flared up after being exposed to loud noise with ear protection.

      I had that full feeling that would not go away and that made the sound much worse than normal. I see a neuromuscular therapist who does lymph work on my neck which in the past has yielded decent results.

      No luck this time and I thought I had done some permanent damage. I went and tried a Soundcure which just made it worse.

      I believe my tinnitus started in part not do to noise exposure in the traditional way but low frequency sounds that caused things to break up in my lymphatic system and settle in the ear. A few weeks before it started I was listening to some new speakers I had in my office which came with a sizeable sub. That night I felt like I had water in the ear and had some rumbling sounds that became high pitched. Low frequency noises seem to make it worse but that is because I know believe that its causing something to stir/move in my ear.

      I've tried cardio, walking, running, you name it to get things moving more in my ear and lymphatic system overall.

      Finally I bought a punching bag and a mini trampoline.

      From my first few hits on the bag I could feel things stirring in my ear. On the trampoline I feel the entire area move around, like something is stuck and cannot come out.

      After 2 days of only doing 15 minutes on the bag a day plus whatever time I could tolerate on the trampoline I was below my baseline of a 2 out of 10.

      I also did massage on that area, a V around the ear and then down to help fluid drain.

      Every type of exercise did not help me but something with some impact did.

      So if you have that full feeling with no hearing loss, something to try.
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      Interesting. A punching bag and a mini trampoline.

      Hearing about anecdotal experiences such as this is always nice. Thanks for taking the time to report about your success.

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