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Discussion in 'Support' started by Balthazar, Oct 15, 2013.

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      Hello all,

      I've had T now for getting on 2 months and would really appreciate some advice on what steps to take next.

      By way of background (if you haven't read my previous posts). I have noise induced T from 3 nights of clubbing. 320 hz in the right ear and a higher pitch in the left. I've tried HBOT for 17 sessions and the symptoms improved overall, that is to say it spikes less and the hypercusis is now infrequent and momentary. I've also been taking vitamin B (all), C, magnesium, zinc, coq10 and have cut out coffee and alcohol.

      As I understand it T is both an injury to the ear and a signal to the brain. Is it too late for the ear to heal and should I concentrate on the brain part before it gets firmly entrenched? I'm looking into acupuncture but having trouble finding anything suitable and I'm also trying the Tinitus pro notching app.

      I live in central London which is pretty loud, so consequently don't hear the T completely a lot of the time. I don't think it is making it worse, but I wonder if I should I spend more time in quieter areas to rest my ears?

      I see this as a turning point, so really my question is what would you do now in my position if you had unlimited means (I don't btw)? I have all my life to habituate, but right now I'd like to know how to actually improve the symptoms.

      Many thanks for reading,
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      Where do you live? Maybe you could sign up for one of those AM101 trials
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      Stress induced.
      @Balthazar: It is alright to live in the big city. There is no need to move into a quiet area. If the sounds are at a normal level, it is good for you! It masks your T throughout the day(if your T is mild). If you move into a quiet place, you may be able to hear it all day which makes it worse. Stay where you are. ;)
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      I'm in the UK, so would have to travel - but will drop an email on the offchance that something may happen.

      I think you're right MT09, but it's hard to know what is too loud! Another thing I forgot to mention is my ears get sore from time to time, no fullness anymore, but this does contribute to me feeling on edge.

      Very frustrated right now, I wish there was something more I could do.

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