Stress Induced Tinnitus — I Think? Hi!

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      Hey guys,

      I've been walking around with ringing in my ears since December and sometimes
      I come here to read some of the stories other people have regarding Tinnitus.

      I thought I'd share my story also! So here we go..

      Around last November I started to have this pressure in my right ear, I noticed it most when I was on my lunch in my car during work. I thought it was a side effect of me constantly vaping like a crazy person. I would vape before work, during lunch, on my way home and at night till
      I would go to bed. Every day for like half a year. On top of that I would also not exercise at anymore, at all, and ear really unhealthy really > fast food 4/5 times a day.. And drank ALOT of Coke. I used to be really healthy but I because lazy outside my job and thought I didn't need to be in shape anymore.

      So a few weeks went by not thinking anything of it and then occasional ringing in my right ear would occur.. After a week or 2 of that it suddenly became permanent. I remember it suddenly coming on really loud - I even went to the ER because it shocked me so much. Of course the doctor said it was nothing and I should sleep it off..

      Anyway, fast forward a few month to today and I still have the ringing and occasional facial and ear pressure and slight dizziness (nothing too major). The constant ear pressure didn't really start until about 4 months in.

      I think I got tinnitus because of stress because I literally worry all the time about everything.. also during the time the ear pressure came about I was really stressed out with the job I had at the time - my life was in the super fast lane - it was hard for me to stand still and enjoy the moment - it still is to some degree.

      I have completely quit vaping about 2 weeks ago, I eat very healthy now and am exercising daily.
      I also try to BE IN THE MOMENT more - I have a very bad habit of living in the future, worrying to much.

      Earlier today at work, I was in a meeting with a client and I totally forgot about my T and just listened to the client talk - I enjoyed listening to him for some reason. I went back into my office after and couldn't here my T anymore, I tried looking for it (I know, bad idea). I felt more relaxed than ever too.

      I've been told my inner balance, my chi might be off and is causing the T.
      I am a worrier and want everything to be perfect, always..

      What I must say tho is that since I have gotten T my social capabilities with people have improved by a 1000%. I am much happier and more optimistic when talking to people. Lately I have gotten what I think is called ''Brain Fog'' which makes me feel slightly out of it without losing any control - It's easier for me to talk to be people and be around people now.

      It's like my T is making me the social person I always thought I wanted to be?
      I'll just keep eating healthy - keep exercising - try to be grateful for the moment and keep thinking positive.

      Sorry for rambling on. Please let me know what you think - I love reading your stories!

      Best wishes! Peace.
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      Hi there!

      You and I have quite a few things in common (you can check out my situation here I'd say stress and anxiety definitely play a role in, if not trigger T. You should keep improving your lifestyle and hopefully your situation will change for the better. Keep us updated.

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