Stress-Induced Tinnitus, Need/Want Help Suggestions

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Matthw, Jul 7, 2019.

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      unknown but probably stress
      My name is Matthew. The stress I have been under since July of last year has kicked up my tinnitus to a level that is almost unbearable at times. There are days that I am able to ignore it somehow by staying busy, but now my strength and endurance have really gone downhill. I just turned 68 and have been a super active man until this year.

      I am hoping to find some encouraging words from the people here. I want to live and regain the joy of life that i have always had until this year. Since January, in the hospital and stayed a total of 19 days since January. I am still hopeful but need additional support about nutrition, stress busters etc. I am doing everything I can, including meditation, breathing exercise, physical exercise as much as possible, physical therapy with professional therapist and hoping to start psychotherapy tomorrow.

      When the tinnitus spikes like it did this morning, my anxiety also spikes, and some of you here on this site, know what I am experiencing. My wife can calm me down for a time. I just want to add anything that may be helpful from this knowledge base of those who also suffer this. Thanks for reading this.

      Peace, Matthew
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      I’m in a similar boat at the moment, I’m working on reducing my anxiety via CBT, trying to sleep or I can’t deal with it the next day, using in-ear maskers. I use an app on the phone called MyNoise.

      Have you tried hearing aids with or without white noise?
      If you don’t have hearing loss maybe just try in-ear white noise generators?

      There’s a treatment in Ireland called Lenire which some of us are looking into.

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