Studying to Become Pilot — Is My Son's Future in Danger?

Discussion in 'Dr. Raymond Ancill (Psychiatrist)' started by Zoe wilson, Jun 26, 2015.

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      Help! My 19 year old son is at Buckinghamshire University studying to be a commercial pilot, his first year has gone very well but today hes been diagnosed with right tinnitus and sensory neural hearing loss. He is devastated as he believes that this could now effect his medicals and his future. His doctor originally diagnosed a congestion problem and gave him nasal sprays which havent worked. Is his future as a pilot now in trouble? Please help
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      I am not sure what to tell you - the medical requirements for a pilot's license are established and enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK and your son will either meet these or not. I would discuss this issue with an appropriate aviation medical specialist.

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