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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Max, Jan 20, 2014.

    1. Max

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      Hi All,

      Just wanted to write a quick note to give some courage / hope to those that have noise induced T.

      QUICK background - I have had very minimal T for several years after a noise induced incident at a loud concert @ age 18 - I am 26 now. I have had ringing in my ears for the past several years yet it was so faint it never bothered me and was only really noticeable in quiet rooms. Rarely thought twice about it and actually though it was normal….

      This summer I went to a few concerts, stood in the back and used foam 32db ear plugs. After the last concert though in September my T spiked rather bad and I had an intense buzz in my left ear for nearly a month before I felt any improvement. My T was now very bothersome and I paid attention to it constantly. Additionally my T started to spike whenever I was around even the slightest noise - it would spike even from rolling over in bed or loud breathing in a quiet room.

      Anyway - I know my T will never go away fully but I can say with confidence that very gradually my T has improved over the course of 4 months since the concert in September last year. Some people say if it sticks for more than a few weeks you should abandon hope, but in my case I feel I am still experiencing improvement after several months. Just been giving it time and trying to avoid loud venues. I pushed my luck with concerts and will never do so again.

      My T is at a level now to which I consider tolerable and very manageable and does not upset me as it did over the past 3 months. Hopefully this story will give someone else out there hope and courage that improvement is still possible after several months. Just my thoughts.

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    2. Glen Morse
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      Thank you, that gives me hope!
    3. AUTHOR

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      I really hope I didn't jinx myself by writing this either - I just wanted to share some good news as it can be hard to come across on the forums sometimes : /

      Glad it could help Glen
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    4. Markku

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      Thank you for your encouraging story. I moved it to Success Stories :)
    5. Stacey427

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      August 2014
      Tank you for your story @Max very encouraging. Thank you:)
    6. Greg Clarke

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      Thanks for the post Max, story sounds similar enough to my own. I'm two months in at a new level and this gives anyone in that position hope.

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