Success Stories of High Frequency Hearing Loss/Stress (Pulsatile Tinnitus)?

Discussion in 'Support' started by HeidiB, Apr 25, 2018.

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      TMJ/mild hearing loss
      I’m new to this forum and grateful to have found this as people have been so gracious and kind. I am trying to stay away from any negativity for obvious reasons.

      I have tinnitus in my right ear. It’s pulsatile. I’m not sure if it’s my mild (still in the normal range) hearing loss of higher frequencies or stress I was under that caused this hi pitched ring.

      It seems that a lot of these success stories are surrounding some type of acoustic trauma. I didn’t have that.

      Are there any success stories related to hearing loss with this? And stress? I’m in the beginning I am beyond sad and depressed and trying so desperately to not think the worst but the tears won’t stop some days.

      Yes, I know of habituation. I’m wondering if anyone actually has woke up to silence with this with the hearing loss or does that make it more permanent? Thanks!!!
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      Noise induced
      MSBR (Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction) workst well against stress. I did a 8 week course on it, lots of people with high stress levels there trying to let go. It does calm me down. I would recommend that. If it is stress induced it might work. I had one session in which I had a very zen moment: it was like I was totally detached from yesterday and all previous experience and all thinking of the future, to hear T at such a moment feels like hearing it for the very first time... no stress about it. The problem arrises when im not in that state and I start thinking... This sound, for the rest of my life. Then things might go badly.
      The start was horrible for me as well, your not alone. Try lots of things mentioned on this forum, it has most chance of vanishing in the beginning stages, at least with sound trauma that is, don't know about other causes.
      My T spikes if im really stressed now as well, it also comes with my sound trauma apparently.
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      Not sure
      Hello Heidi,
      I'm just starting this journey as well...started about 5 weeks ago and was just confirmed by my ENT. Loss of hearing in a pitch zone and it's in both ears...trying to adjust myself mentally and reading a lot of good advise on this forum..I do have 2 buddies who have T as well and they both assure me that your mind will adjust to the noise...and life will continue... in the meantime, we can try to start this journey together, if you ever need a newbie who can relate...feel free to chat anytime and let me know if you find any good search has just begun too... stay strong..

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