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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Dodo, Aug 30, 2015.

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      Hi All,

      I have had Tinnitus now for exactly 1 year. I woke up with it being very loud in both ears and instantly knew I had T. I waited it out for 3 days and hoped it would disappear. It didn't, I was miserable. Went to my doctor and he said the hair cells in your ears are damaged and they then create this phantom noise. I had no known cause. Seemed all strange to me.

      He referred me to ENT for MRI. Me worried about Acoustic Neuroma got the all clear. Was told by ENT it is very common and most doctors opinion on causes are just guess works. That's when I realised that the medical profession knows nothing and I mean NOTHING about T. I think most of you sufferers know that by now. If they did we would have a pill for it.

      I strongly believe that because it is not Pain but Sound , the medical world have ignored Tinnitus. Just think how much pain killers are on the market.

      So what have I done about my Tinnitus ? Like many of you I turned to Doc Google. Now I know crap on the net when I see it , like a pill call Tinnitus Cure. They couldn't even give it a name but are prepared to take your money. I found Sound Therapy Australia. At first was reluctant to part with $500 but did. Now I cant tell you if this little device is responsible for the decrease in the volume of my T but the volume did drop after 2 months of using it. Then I noticed that the T would alternate from left to right ear. That was good enough for me as it gave one ear a break.

      Then I noticed started having good ear day and bad ear day . Something was happening and it was good after 6 months of using sound therapy . ( By the way its filtered classical music where the frequencies and harmonies stimulate the nerves in the ear) I noticed progress have plateaued. Time to look at something else but was not sure what. Like all of you ,I thought the help that's on the net are all a scam. A friend of mine talked about Laser Acupuncture and how it has relieved her of back pain and she suggested to my wife she should see this doctor about it for her neck pain. I took my wife to this doctor and she pulled out this little pen like device and pointed it on certain areas of her feet , legs and knees. Apparently after several visits the pain should subside according to the doctor and I can honestly say it has.

      Now about my T. I asked the doctor if this would help T and she said yes it will but she had never worked on a patient with T. I suggested I would like to give it a try. She gave me a couple of zaps on my wrist and said this could make the T worse before it will get better. On that day I was having a bad ear day and instantly felt the volume lowered in both ears. I said nothing to the Doc as I did not want her to think I am being too hopeful and I also though this is just placebo effect. I went back for a second visit and told her that the first zap gave me relief and I am not having many bad ears day but I think this is placebo. She assured me its not and it is working.

      I had my second zap this time on my feet, legs and wrist . She told me no need to go near the ears as she is working on nerve points. I know nothing about Laser Acupuncture so I did not question why she did not zap the ears. An hour after the zap, I had a spike , both ears on fire. I thought oh no, the T is worse , but remembered she said it will get worse before it gets better. I do know that this is known as crisis healing in natural therapy so I kept my hopes up. It has now been 3 weeks since my second zap and I am now having more and more good ears day and surprisingly quieter nights. I have always slept with my sound therapy device on and now I don't seem to need it. Well guys, I don't know yet what to make of Laser Acupuncture but will follow the treatment through . I am happy to keep the post going if enough of you wants to know. In the meantime keep searching for that natural cure because the medical world is not supporting us. As I said it's not PAIN it's SOUND
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      Never heard of laser acupuncture.

      @Dodo what initially caused your tinnitus?
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      july 2014
      Sorry but did you not read his post?
      He said he does not know....he woke up with it one morning.

      I think @Dodo post is very interesting and I would like to know more!
    4. MCK Trader

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      I'd like to hear more about your progress too.

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      April 2015
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      loud concert
      @Dodo Yes please keep us updated!!
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      acoustic trauma
      I'm interested to start laser acupuncture as well. Hows your development so far @Dodo ?
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      Just One (1) Loud Rock Concert!
      It worked so well that he is gone from this forum! :)

      I'm trying acupuncture next week (my 6 month anniversary)..
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      Hi All,

      Been a while since I made a post on this forum about my Laser Acupuncture therapy. I will now provide the update.
      I believe exactly what my doctor told me that it may help some and not others. I think it has helped me, as I first noticed that the Hyperacousis has disappeared and the usual spikes from T is less frequent. I still have it and certainly has not disappeared completly, but definitely at a much lower level. If any of you try Laser Acupuncture please provide us with an update as this may be our only hope for the moment. The more possitive results we get out there the better it will be for others. I also use an app when it gets a little annoying call Hush Tinitus from ( . It's different sounds that mask the T, I find it to be helpful. Cheers have a great day and I look forward to your comments.
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      Good to hear that acupuncture works for some people but is there a difference between laser acupuncture and regular acupuncture?
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      august 2016
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      Yes there is, a special device is developed bij the firm MEDLOUXX to threat tinnitus. They use the laser combined with music where your tinnitus frequency is filtered out.

      I don`t know if it works, maybe try it in the future!
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      Hi Dodo, glad to hear the laser acupuncture worked for you. How are you doing now? Would you mind giving me the details of the doctor you went to. I live in Dubai.
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      Came 2 months after Cochlear Implant
      october 2017 Had cochlear implant removed , some improvement on tinnitus BUT mild, just had a major pain episode after going outside to go to doctor apts. and restaurant and it made it worse. Pain and ringing is still there lower than before but having episodes where it is really bad. Anyone come up with any new info this year
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