Sudden Hearing Loss in One Ear, Severe Tinnitus and Vertigo

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      I'm new to this, but am looking for support because I don't know anyone my age (45) that has had this horrible disease called labrynthitis. I was a fitness instructor and worked with children. Since this, my world had tumbled down on me!! I've had to quit my jobs and stay as far away from any noise that I can as it only makes it worse. I had a sudden pop in my left ear and went deaf within an hour,horrible episodes of vertigo daily, and much worse than anything is the TINNITUS! My quality of life is terrible and have lost friendships and a social life. People do not understand the extent of this. A fork dropping sounds like cymbals banging in my ear, a car going by sounds like a freight train going over my head. I wear earplugs but then I can't hear anything except the awful noise! No concerts, no bars, no get's all too much for me!!! I'm miserable and have been to some of the best hospitals in my area. No cure for Tinnitus and the hearing aide didn't help at all. I have daily anxiety attacks. I want my life back. Only suggestion I've gotten is to wear earplugs ( and of course not be involved in any conversation) as noise can cause additional hearing loss and tinnitus in other ear, which happened a few days ago when I took plugs out in a noisy environment! I'm scared to death to go deaf!!!! Only thing they can suggest is anti-depressant, anxiety meds and Cognitive Behavior Therapy! I find it hard to believe this cannot be cured!
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      This is a great forum to come to for support. Welcome and I hope that you come to find some peace.

      There are many folks here with the same struggles that you are having and can offer some kind words and give helpful advise that helped them in their struggles.

      I have taken the anti-depressants as well as working with a therapist who is teaching me how to take the emotional component out of help lesson how I perceive pain. It is all so very overwhelming at first, but it is getting better. I have also had to stop teaching because of the stress that my condition has caused me (I have been diagnosed with a form of Meneires Disease).

      Please keep posting and honestly try to stay positive.
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      Hello @B-quiet and welcome to TT!

      I'm sorry you're suffering from labrynthitis. It's not a disease usually encountered on TT, and that's probably why you've not gotten many responses. I did look it up and one definition is as follows:

      Labyrinthitis means an inflammation of the inner ear structure called the labyrinth. Sometimes the term labyrinthitis refers to other causes of inner ear problems that have no inflammation because those problems produce similar symptoms.​

      Did your doctors' find a cause for the labrynthitis? I assume you've received treatment for the condition, but what type of treatment? Did anyone give you balance exercises? Since you've had the disorder since 2012, it's now chronic. But, from my understanding, you can still regain your balance through retraining your brain. You can retrain your brain to ignore the incorrect information it receives from your ear--which is what gives you the vertigo--and to listen instead to information from your muscle and joint receptors, e.g., your limbs. This is the only way to help with vertigo once it becomes chronic, for there are no pharmaceutical options.

      That said, over time you should have success. I'll include some videos I found on YouTube. One is from an MD; the other is from a physical therapist. There is also an organization that deals with balance disorders. Its website is And please look at this manual from the organization: Injury.pdf.

      Vertigo Treatment - How To Treat Vertigo

      Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV)...

      I also found information on labrynthitis from I'll include a link to exercise information from the site:

      It appears you also have hyperacusis. TT has a section on this in the center of its home page. Please also post there--where people with hyperacusis will see it. One thing I do know: it's not a good idea to overuse ear plugs. This will make the hyperacusis worse. Slowly, over time, you need to expose yourself to sounds that now bother you. You need to desensitize yourself to those troublesome sounds. Desensitization is a long process, but it works. People with hyperacusis usually find that it resolves more quickly than their tinnitus. There are audiologists who treat hyperacusis.

      About hearing aids not helping you, perhaps this was because of your hyperacusis. Regarding tinnitus, there are things you can do, but I'd check in the hyperacusis section Treating both hyperacusis and tinnitus at once may be challenging--but people have done it successfully.

      On a cure for tinnitus, there are finally drugs being tested that might help us. One drug for acute tinnitus is already in a stage 3 clinical trial; and another drug for chronic tinnitus will begin a stage 2 clinical trial in England this fall. If the chronic tinnitus drug is effective, it will be several years before it is available. In the meantime, CBT or sound therapy should help you habituate.

      About psychological therapies, it sounds like you're not interested. But you're also not interested in medications, i.e., antidepressants and anxiolytics. I understand your frustration, but it would be useful if you reconsidered your position--at least short term--to help you through all the pain you're experiencing.

      If you have questions about CBT, you should ask Dr. Hubbard. He is a Ph.D. psychologist who specializes in CBT for tinnitus. He also has tinnitus. And, I believe, he had mild hyperacusis too--or this is my assumption from reading his biography.

      There are also several CBT discussions on TT. I've just done a quick search for you under "cognitive behavioral therapy." Here's the link to the responses, which you may want to examine.

      For this or any other information, it's often easier to do a search on a term or phrase that you want to explore. Below is a picture of the search box, located in the upper right-hand corner. The picture is from my search on "cognitive behavioral therapy," which I typed into the search box. Click on the picture for a full-size view.

      Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 1.20.16 AM.png

      Counseling--like CBT--is an option if you don't want to try antidepressants. Even with antidepressants, you might still need some type of counseling to help with your psychological pain.

      By itself, tinnitus is a stressful condition. But your multiple problems--tinnitus, SSHL, hyperacusis, vertigo, and psychological distress--must be an awful burden to bear. I would seek help both here and from professionals.

      Good luck!:)
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    4. Teri

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      WOW Jazz! You did so much work getting such a great response. This is such good information that will help so many folks.

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      I truly appreciate that response. It was extremely helpful!!! You really took the time out to give a wealth of information. God Bless You! I may still consider the CBT but am gradually coming to a realization that I cannot attend concerts, or other loud situations that will worsen my condition but am dealing with it. It's depressing to be so young and have all that end. I feel that in order for me to continue to make positive gains, I must get help in many areas. The desensitizing is an interesting factor as I thought ear plugs would protect any further loss of hearing? I will research all the sights you've provided and once again I am fortunate to have found this site and people like you that care enough to help
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Do CBT, I recommend it. Just make sure to do some research or get some recommendations and find a good one.
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      Thanks for the input also Erik. I got the name of a doctor in my area that has a great reputation!
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      Labyrinthitis (Inner ear infection)
      Hey @B-quiet, my situation was exactly the same as yours. Suspected Labyrithitus, Tinnitus, vertigo, sickness and Hearing loss in one ear. The vertigo and sickness went in 3 weeks and now 3 months on im left with hearing loss in my right ear and tinnitus.

      I can tell you when this first started i was DISTRAUGHT i wouldn't eat, couldn't sleep, trawled the internet for a cure... Crying every day and calling the doctors.

      3 month on (which is such a short time) I can hand on heart say I'm fine! Feeling back to normal apart from the hearing loss which makes things a bit difficult but rarely difficult. I don't focus on the ringing like i used to its not at the forefront of my mind and sometimes i just completely forget its there... yeah when i first read people saying that i didn't believe it but YES it actually happens and its only been 3 months for me.

      ...Guess what you CAN go to concerts!! you haven't damaged your hearing with noise, it was a virus. Sine all mine started i have been to pubs, clubs, parties, live music and drank alcohol! Honestly just go out and live your life as normal THAT is what helps for sure.

      Heres what i have done sine having these issues up until now and i believe all this has helped me greatly
      - Had a hearing test - Had it explained in detail to me
      - Had an MRI to rule out AN
      - Started taking anti anxiety tablets - Very low dose (these really helped) i will be weening myself off these in a months time
      - Started TRT, Within 2 sessions i foudn this really helpfull, i was given a white noise generator which i worse religiously for a week notw i feel like i honestly dont even need to wear it, i can drown out the T myself by noth thinking about it
      - STOPPED LOOKING ON THE INTERNET - I cant stress how important it is not to do this, I only now come on TTalk to give positive messages i dont google for a cure or help any more
      - Most IMPORTANTLY get back to being YOU! Do things with your family, on your own... you can do ANYTHING you want to... it will only make your T worse if YOU let it!

      I hope this has helped xxx
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      acoustic trauma
      There isn't any difference between noise damaged and virus damaged hair cells in the inner ear. Be careful in noisy enviroment and wear protection.

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