Sugar Seems to Amplify Depressive Emotions in Me About Tinnitus — Any Ideas Why?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Oct 18, 2020.

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      I have been greatly limiting my sugar now for quite a while and it seems to help with not getting severely depressed. What happened before I started was I was experiencing some digestion problems so I restricted sugar in case I had candida. I noticed I had way less severe depressive episodes, if any at all. I supposedly was checked for candida or SIBO at the doctor's office and was told I didn't have it. I even asked over the phone after the results came back and they said I was fine. I later on asked for a printout of the lab test and didn't see specially that they tested for candida or SIBO.

      Anyways, for two or three times I had a lot of sugar at once in the past year and a half or so and I had very bad reactions. One time was when I was pressured into having dessert and then having a "second helping". Within 30 minutes or so I was feeling very depressed and couldn't get negative thoughts out of my mind. Another time, I had an apple and loved the taste so much I grabbed another one. After the second apple I started feeling depressed and couldn't get negative thoughts of my head again. I looked on Google and it said each medium apple has around 19 grams of sugar.

      I'm not sure exactly why sugar is causing me to have depression but I have an idea. I think my testosterone levels are low. When I had them checked in the afternoon, they were low. According to a study I saw, 75 grams of sugar can drop testosterone levels by 25% up to two hours after consumption. Note: Low testosterone can cause depression in men. I don't know for sure if this is the case but maybe that's why. My mom can have sugar just fine and it doesn't affect her tinnitus or give her depression and my brother can have sugar and it doesn't seem to depress him either.

      Sugar does not seem to increase my tinnitus at all, nor does it seem to all of a sudden cause me to feel horrible. However, if I am thinking about something such as tinnitus or something else negative, I have got much more depressed about it.

      Any suggestions as to what could be happening? Could it be testosterone lowering? Could it be inflammation? Something else? Thanks for any advice.

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