Supplements — Dosage, Long Term Consequences, Side Effects — GP Said They Are a Waste of Time

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      Hi all,

      I have read through some supplement suggestions. I am taking one pill of these each day. I do not know the mg of the last three, would have to look that up at home if it is relevant:

      - Magnesium 600 mg
      - NAC 600 mg
      - Vitamin D3 + K2 10.000 i.e. (Depot)
      - Turmeric + black pepper 600 mg
      - Zinc 50 mg
      - Omega 3
      - Vitamin B12 complex
      - Ginkgo

      Anyway, the GP's I visited and asked about supplements, they all said: "It is a waste of money. You will pee most of it out. Just eat healthy and everything is fine. Also, your kidneys can be severely damaged from overdoses." I am noticing that especially the NAC affects my stomach. I don't know if this is an OK side-effect, or that it means I should stop taking it. I have tried various brands, I always get the belly trouble. Also, I am afraid of overdosing and destroying my kidneys. It seems like all source say something different about daily requirements/dosages...

      What supplements do/did you take, what dosages, and what side effects did you note? How do you know taking them at that dosage is safe? Any other suggestions for supplements I might be missing in my list?

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