Supplements, Diet, and Climate?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Richard Wallace, Dec 19, 2014.

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      Hi Folk's,
      I'm pretty new here and haven't gone through all of the posts due to a lot of my online time being used up on my eBay business. Has anyone out there had any success/reduction in there tinnitus due to taking any OTC supplements, or following a restricted diet? Something that you can attribute without a doubt to some type of improvement? I've been taking ginko biloba, bio-flaveniods, magnesium supplements, etc. for some time now without any reduction in my tinnitus and the other things with it. I'm done wasting money on the bio-flaveniods after this current bottle and am thinking of doing the same thing with the ginko. I've been eating a much better diet also. Lots of high end veggies, less sodium. The tinnitus has slowing been spiking upwards since Fall started. Last Summer it wasn't quite as bothersome, maybe since being outside more and busier. Has anyone noticed the same thing with colder weather and being indoors more? I live near Duluth, MN so it's been cold and almost no sunshine most days for a while now. Frustration and discouragement is running rampant in me today. I went and tried to lay down for a while in a quiet room earlier. Now a quiet room has become almost an enemy. The tinnitus just overwhelms when everything is quiet. I'm sure I'm singing to the choir when I mention this. If anybody has had any type of success with anything that they take or maybe do, please respond to this thread. Any thoughts about weather changes please respond also. I'm sitting here on my pity pot with dizziness and ringing ears. They're full of pressure to boot. Anyways, May God bless all of you and a Merry Christmas......... Rich
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      Ah another Rich, nice to make your acquaintance,

      Atmospheric conditions do seem to influence my T but only a small amount, I am about to try a meylen sheath supplement regime so can't really answer the positive or negative to this question.

      I can only say that even if diet doesn't seem to make a difference to your T at least you will be the better for it health wise.
      Their are of course T sufferers who swear by it and others that it has little affect on, so all you can do is just try it for at least 6 months and then go from there!

      Sorry to not offer more help than this.

      Regards Rich

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