Swimmer's Ear and Sudden Hearing Loss at the Same Time: Separate Issues? Outer, Middle or Inner Ear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by tonywin, May 22, 2015.

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      may5 2015
      may1:snorkeling in creek

      may3:right ear started hurting,applied alcohol no big deal just swimmers ear right?

      may5: ear is swollen.hard to hear.during some wine, my right ear starts ringing noticeably.scary

      may 7: see ent.diagnosis swimmers ear.he vacuums it, puff of antibiotic/antifungal powder,gel,cotton. says "keep it dry come back in a week".

      may 12: return to ent.since last visit ive gotten petroleum jelly in my ear in my attempt to keep it dry. cant hear and lots of ringing.
      he vacuums/powders same as before but less."it looks great.use vinegar.come back in a week if still problem"

      may16-19: minor sore throat

      may 20: back@ent.still bad ringing.poor hearing.wince of pain every now&then.by this point researching im convinced of middle ear fluid/E-tube issue.feel negative pressure behind eardrum that is relieved when i hold nose&blow.hearing test bad results.doc:"it is in cochlea.separate issue from swimmers ear.maybe permanent"

      may22, today: start anti viral&steroid

      Why is my E-tube bad then?
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      If your doctor can't give you an answer, how can I?

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